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Our fleet of machinery.

State-of-the-art machines guarantee the quality of each stage of production. We continually update our plant and machinery to
assure project safety and perfect production results. We can therefore easily realize the customized demands of our customers
and operate accordingly. The following machines make it possible for us to offer a broad spectrum of production processes.

23 inection moulding machines from 35 t to 300 t


  • Two 75 t machines with thermo-set cylinder
  • Two 80 t machines with wire feed
  • Two 200 t machines with three axes robot
  • One 300 t machine with three axes robot


  • Seven machines with movable Centex injection unit
  • Three machines with variable vertical or horizontal injection unit
  • One 35 t thermo-set press

Automatic testing system

  • for 100 % fully automatic quality control of tolerances and geometry